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Let me tell you more… 

I'm a film editor. I started in the NYC commercial editorial scene in the mid 2000's. I started running client services, ended up running rooms. I mostly edit comedy spots and shows. 

 I’ve worked on national and international campaigns with advertising agencies from around the world. I've done the same with production companies, animation/vfx houses, and tech giants. I've also been editing some great long-form work with Comedy Central, Complex Networks, and The Good Liars. In fact The Supporters was just released by Meidas Touch Pictures, executive produced by Michael Rapaport, and tweeted about by Dave Bautista. We Are CVNT5, from Complex Networks has just been released on Crackle. Warning: it's TVMA.


My advertising work has been in industry magazines, and award shows like Cannes, Clios, and The One Show. My long-form work has been written about by The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter, and others. My personal works (like this) have been in The California International Film Festival, The Portland Film Festival (2020), Flicker's and others. 

It's all personal work to me. So, send me a little email


Get in touch.

914 924 0337

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