Let me tell you more… 

I started as a runner at Red Car, one of the original commercial editing houses. At that time almost everything was still shot on film but digital was starting to pop up here and there. It was also normal for each editor to have one dedicated assistant, so I spent years working in the room with some of NYC’s top commercial editors, learning how the pros run a room.

Since then I’ve worked on national campaigns with many of the best NYC ad agencies. I’ve had my work featured in most of the top tier ad award shows like The One Show, Clios, and Cannes. 

Advertising is wonderful, but there’s nothing like a great show. I co-edited the scripted full length comedy series CVNT5 for the ill-fated Go90. That led me to Comedy Central where I’ve edited several of their episodic web shows including Pitch Please, Thank You Good Night, and Shane Torres Conquers Your Fears.

In 2016 I performed additional editorial work on Undecided: The Movie, which The Wrap called a “Netflix gem.” In 2021 I completed lead editor work on The Supporters, the spiritual sister film, in talks for distribution right now.


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